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Our partners can build you a bespoke ecological chalet according to your needs.

If you own land and wish to build a bespoke ecological property that meets your needs and expectations without jeopardizing our beautiful nature, and respects the future of the generations to come, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact page.Contact us.


Wood, engineering, design

  • Wood, because it is the best most honourable of materials. Its visual aspect and its touch connect us to our roots.
  • engineering, because it is our profession and the essence of our work.
  • design, because our sensitivity drives us to always seek aesthetic solutions.

Charpente Concept is a construction engineering company specializing in the development and design of wood materials. Founded in 1991, the company celebrated in 2016 its 25 years of existence and was born from the idea that study and engineering must support design. The philosophy remains that of these explorers, inventors and researchers, who have been able to find answers to the simple questions of everyday life or to the craziest challenges.

Passionate, committed, competent and constantly on the lookout for new technologies, the team’s employees act in osmosis during the various stages of a construction project, with the same enthusiasm for the creation of villas and buildings as they do for engineering structures. A unifying energy stemming from a common vision and goal: the materialization of an idea and its realization.


The team:


10 essential points for constructing an Energy + building

  1. Study projects using the maxim: ” think global, act local! ». That is to say, study a project in its entirety and then think about how to carry it out using local materials.
  2. Design a building’s exterior (frontage, windows and walls) with high-performance insulation values. For example; by using active wood/glass frontages that are twice as efficient as “Minergie P” or “RT 2012” with a thickness of only 25 cm.
  3. Integrate native wood into the construction, because for the same load-bearing capacity it consumes 10 times less energy than steel or concrete.
  4. It is fundamental, in the first instance, that the insulation is successful because it is possible to save 80% of the heating energy and thus divide by 3 the power of the technical installations necessary to operate the building.
  5. The installation of a heat pump with a geothermal probe or possibly a wood boiler is necessary, as both solutions only consume renewable energy.
  6. A family of 4 to 5 people consumes a maximum of between 4500 and 5000 KW per year. It is necessary to integrate a photovoltaic installation on the facade and/or roof, producing between 9000 and 10’000 KW per year; the surplus allowing an electric vehicle to be charged.
  7. The project must be cleverly designed between architects and engineers and the construction must be entrusted to quality companies, allowing a reduction in the construction costs, in particular by use of prefabricated elements in the workshop.
  8. The drastic reduction in operating costs and the sale of the electricity produced make it possible to amortize the additional costs in less than 7 years.
  9. The owner or operator is a winner because:
    He is freed from the constraints of an external supplier
    He lives in an eco-friendly, healthy and comfortable environment
    It contributes to the health of the planet without reducing the level of comfort
  1. Communities win because politically we are gradually freeing ourselves from the stressful and often undesirable political trade-offs of oil and gas investors. Finally, we can envisage a gradual phase-out of nuclear power by 2030.